Hillary Supporters Know Nothing about Her; Love Her Anyway

Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” – Shannon L. Alder

Modern American culture is driven almost entirely by media. Therefore, those who control the media, or who have a dominant share, are the ones directing where we look. What we’ve seen over the last decade is a rise in what’s being called “new media.” New media was born out of the internet, and has allowed for a more balanced perspective. However, many Americans are still dominated by the leftist media because of its near hegemony.

The liberal media tells Americans in which direction to turn their heads; they shield us like a mother covering her child’s eyes from the TV screen. However, unlike a mother, their interest isn’t in protecting us, but in protecting their favored public figure.

This dissonance between reality and liberal media magic has led to a sheep-class; it has created a large group of people who are completely ignorant of large swaths of reality. This ignorance binds them to the lies they’ve been told by the left, via the media. They truly don’t know any better. They’ve been fed the narrative, completely unexposed to anything that would counter what they’ve been told.

This ignorance allows for people like Hillary Clinton to dominate the political field when anyone else as sociopathic as she is would be in prison by now—any Republican, that is.

For example, Mark Halperin interviewed a group of staunch Hillary Clinton supporters on MSNBC. He asked them a simple question: “What did [Hillary] accomplish that you consider significant as Secretary of State?” They couldn’t answer. After several long, awkward pauses, a man in the back chimed in:

“She’s been at a high level in numerous offices for about 25 years now. I mean it’s either gonna be that or it’s gonna be Scott Walker, taking away, you know, destroying America’s unions. And there’s just–you know, she’s not perfect, but she’s been in the eye for a long time—the public’s eye—and you’re gonna have some stuff on her. But, she has great policies and she knows how to get stuff done.”

Well, wasn’t that a big nothing-burger? Boiled down, what he said was:

  1. A) Hillary’s been here forever. Check!
  2. B) It’s either her or the evil conservatives. Check!
  3. C) She’s not perfect, but she has great policies. Check!

I’m curious to know what those policies are. I also wonder exactly what this man knows about Scott Walker’s battles with the public sector unions. Best guess: he gets his coverage from MSNBC, CNN, HuffPo, and the New York Times. If engaged in a debate regarding Walker’s actions, I doubt he would be able to say exactly what happened–only that it was bad in some way.

Additionally, I wonder if asked about Hillary’s numerous lies, if he or any Hillary supporter would have any knowledge of those lies. Take for instance Hillary’s outright, caught-on-tape lie about landing in Bosnia “under sniper fire.”

When she was later confronted with video footage showing a happy Hillary greeting people and no “sniper fire,” she said “I made a mistake in describing it.” She followed it up with this gem: “Gosh, lighten up guys.”

This is just one example of Hillary Clinton’s pattern of deception, all the way up to her most recent lie about not using a second electronic device because one was more convenient—which was later debunked when it was discovered that Hillary used her iPad frequently.

If someone is willing to lie so brazenly about relatively small-fry things, what else is that person capable of? But as I said, I doubt many of her ardent supporters know anything about the Bosnia lie, or her numerous other “gaffes,” as they call them when a Democrat deliberately deceives the public. This is because they’ve been isolated by the media. They’ve had their heads turned, so they don’t see dissenting material.

Hillary will continue to dominate until someone breaks through. We conservatives need someone to cut through the media narrative, and dismantle Hillary Clinton’s BS in front of a live audience. That’s really our only chance, given the state of the media.

We need a candidate who can use the limited debates to utterly destroy Hillary’s credibility. After that, everything will fall like dominoes. The debates are the only place where the liberal media has less control; they’re live, and a candidate can say whatever he or she wants within limit.

It’s crucial that we pick the right person, because if we don’t, the media will have no obstacle; they will gently guide their sheep-class into the voting booth to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.

And just for fun, here is Campus Reform’s Caleb Bonham proving my point by stumping Hillary supporters: