Hillary Says “Every Life Matters” But Supports Murdering Unborn Babies

Recently, we reported about Hillary’s statement on people needing to change their religious beliefs to make way for abortion rights. She has quite a record when it comes to supporting abortion. According to LifeNews.com:

Most recently, Hillary Clinton pushed abortion at a fundraising event in March. One year to the date after she received an award from the radical pro-abortion group Emily’s List, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address last night at a fundraiser for the organization.

Clinton’s speech came at the Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Conference and Gala in Washington, D.C. and she applauded the work of the abortion activists, who strongly support taxpayer funding of abortions and strongly oppose banning late-term abortions.

“When I look at this room, I see leaders,” Clinton said, encouraging the pro-abortion activists gathered to redouble their efforts.

Last year, Clinton said that to be pro-woman is to be pro-abortion. Clinton, at a pro-Braley rally, told voters in Iowa, “It’s not enough to be a woman, you have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women.” Because Joni Ernst (who defeated Braley) thinks unborn babies should be protected, she isn’t committed to expanding rights and opportunities for women?


Meanwhile, Clinton launched a new partnership with the Gates Foundation, that supports abortion. The Gates Foundation operated by Bill and Melinda Gates supports abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Clinton says she admires Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

In her role as Secretary of State Clinton pressed for abortion on an international scale. As recently as June 2012, she was upset the document the United Nations adopted at its Rio+20 conference did not promote abortion by inserting terms like “reproductive rights” into the language of the text.

But recently she was quoted as saying that “every life matters” in a speech she gave at Columbia University. The context was the need for the criminal justice system to be changed. CNS News reported

“Now even in the most painful times like those we are seeing in Baltimore, when parents fear for their children, when smoke fills the skies above our cities, when police officers are assaulted, even then, especially then, let’s remember the aspirations and values that unite us all, that every person should have the opportunity to succeed, that no one is disposable, that every life matters,” said Clinton, who is pro-abortion.


In her speech at Columbia on Wednesday, Clinton said, “We need to start understanding how important it is to care for every single child as though that child were our own.”


Clinton concluded her speech by asking the audience to pray for Freddy Gray’s family and other men who lost their lives “unnecessarily.”

“Please join me in saying a prayer for the families of Freddy Gray and all the men whose names we know and those we don’t, who have lost their lives unnecessarily and tragically, and in particular today, include in that prayer the people of Baltimore and our beloved country,” she said.

Every life? Or just some? Obviously, some people are more equal than others. Otherwise, Hillary would be standing up for the most innocent and defenseless of all, those who are not yet born.

But see, in the same way that our culture and public officials have redefined marriage, they’ve also redefined “person” to exclude anyone who hasn’t been born yet. If you haven’t been born yet, you’re not a person. You’re not human, and as such, you have no protection under the law. You’re just a mass of tissue. So, if someone decides to kill you, it’s not murder, because you’re not a person. You become a person only when you’ve been completely born. Even if you’re partially born, you’re not a person yet.

But this is also where things get a little foggy. If someone were to kill a pregnant woman and the child she’s carrying, the murderer is charged with two counts of homicide. An OB doctor could be sued for malpractice if something were to happen to his patient’s unborn child. Obviously, there’s still a part of the law that views this unborn “meat bag” as a person.

At some point, they’ll have to reconcile these contradictory aspects of the law. More than likely, they’ll move in the direction that allows more people to be murdered under the guise of human rights.