Hillary Mocked for Blasting CEO Pay after Chelsea Buys $10 Million Apartment!

I’m not sure how liberals fail to see the irony in Hillary Clinton’s liberal rhetoric every day, but I am comforted by the fact that they at least noticed it today. Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent out an email blasting the high pay received by corporate CEO’s saying that the compensation was ‘out of line’ with what the rest of the America makes… while her daughter Chelsea was busy purchasing a $10 Million condo in New York City. Chelsea was recently earning some $600K a year from NBC for doing nothing… and doing it poorly, I might add… but somehow it’s corporate CEO’s we should be worried about?


Progressives Today made fun of Hillary Clinton’s early campaign swing at high CEO pay Tuesday, pointing out that her daughter owns a $10.5 million apartment.

In an email to supporters Monday, Hillary said she’s concerned about the big paychecks some corporate executives get, reported Yahoo News. American families are still facing financial hardship, when “the average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes,” she said, following a quiet campaign declaration over the weekend.

Progressives Today, a group with the goal of “exposing the radical elements of the institutional left,”tweeted a link to the article with a photo of Chelsea Clinton smiling and waving. “#VeryProudOfYouMom,” the meme says. “For attacking CEO pay and helping me decorate my $10.5 million apartment!”


Chelsea Clinton was paid $600,000 a year as a special correspondent at NBC News — about $26,724 per minute — a job most insiders didn’t think she was qualified to do. And in 2013, she did purchase an apartment for $10.5 million.

She currently works at her parents’ foundation.

Hillary has been under pressure to incorporate the platform of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in her campaign. Some worry she will run too far to the center, and fail to champion their pet causes, such as income inequality, “equal pay” for women and high student debt.