Hillary Holds Record for Dodging the Press

I had written before about how amusing it was watching the media concoct their narrative about Rand Paul being an ill-tempered misogynist who’s deathly afraid of answering the “tough” questions from the ratings-obsessed press. One of our reliably liberal commenters responded

“Mr. Hodges, if you asked Rand Paul a question would you expect an answer? Does this mean that Hillary Clinton can brush off reporters’ questions too?”

Funny you should mention Hillary Clinton, Mr./Mrs. Whoever-you-are. Apparently, Hillary (is that sexist?) holds quite a record with regards to the press. According to Breitbart

…[S]he’s gone longer than any presidential candidate in modern history without appearing on a national television news network or conducting a sit down interview with national media.

Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, announced she would run for president via a recorded two-minute video message on Twitter Sunday April 12th. Following the announcement, Clinton dashed off to Iowa in her “Scooby” van without giving any time to the national press, and very little time – if any – to local reporters.

Research tracing back through the 2012 and 2008 primaries suggests the longest a candidate went without doing an interview with national press after a presidential bid announcement was roughly two days.


It has been more than two weeks since Clinton officially threw her hat in the ring, but she has only spoken with local reporters at roundtable events with voters and business owners.

RNC Spokesman James Hewitt tells Breitbart News, “Hillary Clinton is sticking to small, staged events because she can’t give an honest answer to any tough questions regarding her secret email scandal or the troubling new revelations surrounding the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) previously told Breitbart News Clinton’s team realizes it must manage her.

“I think what they are going to do is very carefully manage her appearances,” explained Blackburn, adding that she believes the Democrats will “stage-manage” Clinton through this race.

Breitbart News reached out to Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill on the matter, but has not received comment.

Before you say that this is totally different because she apparently hasn’t yet agreed to any interviews with the national media, let me say that if you think Rand was “dodging questions,” then how much more is Hillary dodging the press and their questions by refusing to be interviewed in the first place? You know that the media are dying to get an interview with Hillary. You know that the press have loads of questions for her that they’ve been asking, but that she’s not willing to answer right now. I agree with the RNC spokesman on this. She really is afraid of the questions. There are far too many scandals with which she’s involved.

Is there some law that requires you to be interviewed by the media once you’ve announced you’re running for public office? Of course not. It’s just that in this day and age, if you want to achieve higher office, even a local office, you’ve got to face the press. People want to see how you handle questions. They might be really stupid gotcha questions based off something you said 20 years before that’s completely taken out of context, but people still want to see how you answer.

I like the way Rand has dealt with the gotcha press questions he’s gotten. As for Hillary, she’ll face the media as soon as she and her campaign staff invent a series of convincing alibis. That might take a while.