How Hillary Clinton’s Uterus Will Help Her Win 2016

“Nothing is more unreliable than the populace, nothing more obscure than human intentions, nothing more deceptive than the whole electoral system.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

As a very conservative Republican, I often find myself walking a razor thin line between two radically different perspectives. On one hand, I believe in the American people, and their right to make decisions based on their convictions. On the other hand, the American people are often so mind-numbingly ignorant that I think we deserve what we get.

It’s frustrating, because the majority of those who are so radically ignorant aren’t stupid, they are simply uninformed. But in terms of elections, and the democratic process, “uninformed” and “stupid” are interchangeable words. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dunce, or are brilliant, but just get all your news from The Daily Show, the end result is the same: you vote for the Democrat…or the establishment Republican.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll never stop repeating myself: the uninformed will be the death of this country. It’s not the Democrat elites who will destroy this country with their socialist policies; it’s the Americans who put those Democrats in charge.

Imagine you have a dog. Whenever you leave the house, this dog destroys the furniture, tears up your clothes, and craps all over the rug. What would you do next time you left the house? You’d leave him outside, or cage him. No sane individual would just continue to leave the dog to its destructive desires every time they left the house. And yet, that’s exactly what the uninformed among us are doing with the Democrats. It’s as if every time an election comes around, they’re operating on a completely blank slate, unaware of what history has shown.

The uninformed are the ones who sway major elections with their capricious votes. The funny part about it is that it’s the uninformed who take the longest to make decisions about candidates. They are the “independents,” the swing voters, and the target demographic. The media blasts them with propaganda because they know that these people have no clue. These people base their votes on trivial aspects of the campaign, like the race or gender of the candidate. For instance, according to Gallup:

“Americans say the best or most positive thing about a possible Hillary Clinton presidency — if she were to run and be elected in 2016 — would be her serving as the first female president in the nation’s history. Other positives mentioned by at least 5% of Americans are her experience…”

Wow. Hillary Clinton’s gender is her defining positive factor. People will first vote for Hillary not because of her experience, not because of her background with the law, but because she has a uterus. Meanwhile, the uninformed who will usher Hills into office won’t know a lick about Benghazi. Not a single one of her negatives outweighs her womanhood in the eyes of the uninformed voter.

These people will decide the next election—that is, if we don’t first, educate them, and second, turn out in record numbers. This is serious. The uninformed will drive this country into the ground if we fall back like we did in 2008, and 2012.