Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Approach: “I’m for Whatever You’re For”!

Ouch. Atlantic Magazine’s Molly Ball hit the nail on the proverbial head Sunday morning during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press when she told host Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton’s political identity is “I’m for whatever you’re for.”

Her stinging comments likely tell too much truth for the Clinton campaign liking… but if Ball’s words ring true, it’s because they are.

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate example of the hated modern day politician. She is a pathological liar, a degenerate criminal, an incorrigible narcissist, an immoral (or amoral) degenerate, and a habitually self-centered monster who believes she is above the law.

So if all this is true — and it is — is it that much of a stretch to think that she will say or do whatever it takes to get what she wants?

I don’t think so.