Hillary Clinton Uses Funerals To Woo Black Leaders’ Support For 2016

I’ve seen movies about people going to funerals and weddings to find someone to date, but that’s in the movies.  In real life, I don’t understand people attending a wedding or funeral for the sole purpose of hunting for a good time.  But attending a funeral for the purpose to hopefully make contacts for a political campaign is not only distasteful to me; I feel it is unethical and offensive to the family of the deceased.

However, knowing the disgusting background and track record of Hillary Clinton, I’m not surprised to learn that she did attend a funeral in search of making political contacts.

Back in July, Bill and Hillary Clinton attended the funeral of former US Representative William H. Gray III.  Former President Bill Clinton gave a eulogy for Gray.   Sometime during the funeral, Hillary began pumping Pennsylvania Gov. Edward G. Rendell for the names and backgrounds of the black leaders that were attending the funeral.

If that weren’t distasteful enough, a month after Gray’s funeral, Bill and Hillary Clinton asked if they could speak at the funeral of black political strategist Bill Lynch.  After that funeral, the Clintons stayed and schmoozed with prominent black mourners for two hours after the service ended.  Hillary also managed to speak at a black sorority convention.

There is no doubt that she is posturing for the 2016 presidential campaign as she is trying to woo many of the black leaders that she distanced herself from by the comments she made about Obama in the 2008 campaign.  Many black leaders felt that Clinton’s various remarks were racially motivated, so now she has to work to try to win their support in 2016.

I know that many aspects of politics are dirty and unethical, especially among some Democrats, but the Clintons have a long track record of unethical and distasteful politics.  Not only do Democrats have thousands of dead people voting, but now Hillary is attending black funerals looking for political support.  That’s definitely not the type of ethics I want to see from our leaders and hope others feel the same way.