Hillary Clinton Spends Labor Day Kissing Up to Unions

Hillary Clinton may be having some problems with our criminal justice system of late, but that doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten how to pander. Liberals love Labor Day because it offers them the opportunity to get back to their socialist roots without seeming ‘overly socialist’ — and Hillary is not one to ever miss a chance at being socialist. This year, in the midst of a run at the Democrat presidential nomination, the Clinton team decided to use Labor Day as a means of pandering to her Union allies who have recently been getting cold feet.

Anywho, bad for America or not, Hillary Clinton still wants their vote, so on Labor Day, she pandered to the Unions in an effort to remind them who butters their bread.

“As a Senator from New York, Hillary has supported the rights of working people and unions. As President, Hillary Clinton will continue to fight for raising wages, earned sick time, and fairer scheduling for workers.”