Hillary Clinton Now Trailing Carly, Jeb and Trump in Iowa!

The latest NBC poll of the Presidential campaign is out, and the news is not good for Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Iowa is a MUST WIN state for any presidential hopeful, and if the polls are reading things right, Hillary Clinton (and the Democrats) has a lot of reason to be very worried about 2016. The latest NBC poll of the state is out, and it seems that folks in Iowa are not excited about the prospect of Hillary Clinton presidency. In the most up to date poll Hillary finds herself trailing to Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

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Not that it is a foregone conclusion that it will be Clinton facing the GOP candidate come November 2016. Clinton hasn’t won a poll in New Hampshire since July (and Bernie Sanders has built a sizeable advantage on her in the Granite State), and her lead in Iowa (again over Sanders) has been collapsing over the last few months. In this latest poll she now only leads Sanders by 5, after leading him by 11 in the last NBC poll at the end of August.

Even worse for Clinton is that almost 60% of voters in Iowa have “unfavorable” views of the former First Lady, and everybody already knows her – so those numbers won’t get much better before the nominating process begins.

Hillary Clinton is in trouble, she’s falling apart, and if we’re lucky, she’ll take the Democrat Party with her.