Hillary Clinton Might be Making Jokes but the Scandal isn’t Going Away

It was a bad day at MSNBC for Hillary Clinton, and the fact that it was MSNBC calling her out probably means that she should be getting worried. However, if she is getting worried she isn’t showing it, yet. Fresh off of her recent comedy attempts, the media has pounced on her for making light of a very serious situation, and Mark Halperin thinks she better wake up because the email scandal isn’t going away any time soon.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Mark Halperin, what was the response at the fair this weekend on the Hillary Clinton email controversy?

MARK HALPERIN, BLOOMBERG: Look, I agree with you on the substance of this stuff, on the politics of it in Iowa, when she told me that joke, there were people around me who gasped, because it’s not a joking matter for a lot of people. She said here at the fair when she had a press availability, real voters don’t talk to her about this. They never bring it up to her.

Well, you know what Joe, real people never bring up to me that I need to lose some weight. The never tell me that. They might talk about it to other people, but never say it to me.

I will tell you, here in Iowa, talking to people at the fair, talking to elite Democrats, they bring her emails up to me.

Extraordinarily high degree, high frequency of people saying, ‘What’s the deal?’ It’s why Joe Biden, I think, why maybe Al Gore and others are saying, ‘Do we have a problem here? Are we heading towards nominating someone by consensus who has this big problem?’

I have never in my career dealt with a presidential campaign who’s as unresponsive to basic questions.

Governor Rendell said, turn over the server. That’s not the only issue. There’s lots of facts that they won’t respond to on a daily basis. You can ask them every day, what are the answers to these questions, at a time when people want transparency, she’s still an extraordinarily strong candidate, she’s a great public servant.

She’s, I think, right now, the most likely person to be elected president, but she is not dealing with this issue. And between the FBI and the congressional investigations, this is not only not going away, but it shouldn’t go away on the substance, and voters do care about it.

Halperin’s MSNBC colleague Joe Scarborough seemed shocked, then went even further than Halperin when he practically called Hillary Clinton a liar.