Hillary Clinton Laughs About Murdering Carly Fiorina; Media Ignores

Why should the media care if Hillary Clinton joined everyone else in the room in laughter at what was obviously a joke? The Clinton supporter in the audience in New Hampshire claimed to have been a former Hewlett-Packard employee who couldn’t stand Fiorina. He said that every time he saw her on TV, he wanted to reach through the screen and strangle her. Everyone around laughed, including Clinton, who responded with a guffaw, “I wouldn’t mess with you!”

Ha ha ha. So, why didn’t Clinton call this supporter of hers out? What the guy was advocating was violence against another person. But not just any person. A woman. That’s supposed to be an extra big deal.

I know liberals hate it when we turn things around in hypothetical situations. They hate it, because they know, deep down, that the media would go crazy if this conversation played out in the company of conservatives. Since it happened with Hillary Clinton and her supporters, it’s not much of a news story. I mean, it was just a joke.

But let’s turn it around anyway. What if one of Fiorina’s supporters had said the same thing about Hillary Clinton? “And she says she was a great Secretary of State. Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her.”

At that point, Fiorina could do one of two things. She could harshly rebuke the supporter for saying such things, whether they were real threats or not.

Or, she could laugh at the supporter’s joke threat and respond, “I wouldn’t mess with you!” But if she responded that way, effectively sloughing off the comment, the media would immediately call Fiorina out on it. They’d attack her for not rebuking her supporter for making threats against an opposing presidential candidate. They’d say that attack ads are one thing, but this had crossed the line.

Even if Fiorina had harshly rebuked the person for saying what he said, the media would still find a way to criticize her and her supporters. In fact, they’d make generalizations about the Republican party, all based on that one person’s violent language. They’d have their expert panels on MSNBC talking about how this is characteristic of the GOP for their supporters to make violent threats against women. It’s all in keeping with their “war on women.” It’s what we should all expect.

When it happens to Clinton, well, it’s just a joke. He didn’t mean anything by it. Good grief. Develop a sense of humor.