Hillary Clinton Dons Southern Accent When Courting Alabama Voters

There’s a reason people often refer to politicians as used car salesmen or conmen. They’ll do anything to get what they want, much like a salesman will do anything to make a sale, and a conman will do anything to earn someone else’s confidence. Sometimes that means mirroring a potential client or mark– that is, adopting their mannerisms and accent – in order to buddy up with them or lure them in.

I can’t believe people fall for this sort of stuff in politics. Everyone knows what Hillary Clinton sounds like when she speaks. Here, remember this?

That gives us a baseline to compare this to:

It’s so obvious what she’s doing. I guess her voters don’t mind being conned.

You could really say the same thing about most politicians and those who vote for them. Politicians say things to earn people’s trust, so that they’ll get voted into office. It’s not long afterwards that people wise up and see that they’ve been scammed. But then these same people continue to allow themselves to be played over and over again.