Hillary Clinton: Businesses Don’t Create Jobs; the Government Does

Echoing Obama’s “you didn’t build that” sentiment, Hillary Clinton told a crowd Democrat cheerleaders not to let anyone tell them that businesses or corporations create jobs, insinuating that it’s the government that provides jobs and creates wealth and prosperity for all us serfs living on the government manor.

Obviously, there is a place for government. I’m not an anarchist, even though liberals would categorize me that way. It’s not that we need no government; it’s that we need a whole lot less government than we have now. The bigger it gets, the less free we are, the fewer entrepreneurial opportunities we have, and the poorer we become.

The government doesn’t create jobs. It stifles jobs with taxes and regulations. Unless you’re talking about government jobs, in which case, all they can do to create jobs is grow itself. Add new needless departments for people to work in. And what money do they use to pay their employees? Taxpayer money, of course. The government would be nothing without taxpayer money.

Someone needs to tell “Billary” as well as every other politician who thinks he’s achieved greatness by getting elected to higher public office, that “they didn’t build that.” The only reason they made it to the office of presidency or the Senate or Secretary of State is because of hard-working, innovative taxpayers in the private marketplace, which is becoming less and less free as time goes on.

The government produces nothing except a giant and tangled bureaucratic mess of chaos, which is fueled by the wealth and ideas they steal from American workers in the private sector.