Hillary Claims “The Bible” Her Biggest Influence

I’m stunned by Hillary Clinton’s arrogance. As often as I read about Hillary, you’d think nothing would take me aback, but her narcissism just continues to surprise me. During a recent interview with The New York Times, Hillary was asked a question regarding her biggest influences. Her answer is outrageous.

NYT: “If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?”

Clinton: “At the risk of appearing predictable, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking…I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it.”

Yep. Hillary “abortion on demand” Clinton claims the Bible remains the biggest influence on her thinking. Let’s explore this a bit. What’s actually going on inside Clinton’s mind as she gives this answer? Allow me to speculate. “I need to embolden my supporters in their fight against the Christian Right. How can I do that? Ah, by claiming the mantle of Christianity.

It may sound counter-intuitive to suggest that claiming Christianity is Hillary’s way of emboldening her base, but I think it’s the perfect strategy. Think about it, in the run to the White House, Hillary will be slapped with many labels, but one she can’t afford is anti-Christian bigot. While no Christian who isn’t a moron would believe Hillary’s claim regarding the alleged biblical influence on her life, that’s not who she needs to believe it. Hillary needs her supporters to use her statement as a weapon against the anti-Hillary Christian contingent—of which I am a part.

While conservatives can look to Hillary’s record, and decide for themselves whether or not she is a spiritually aligned person (she’s not), a person who follows biblical principles (she doesn’t), her supporters—who simply believe what she, and her media lap dogs spit out—will undoubtedly buy her religious awakening hook, line, and sinker. More frighteningly, these supporters will then use Hillary’s statement to convince the low-information voters (see: most Americans) that they shouldn’t be afraid to vote for her.

When the inevitable arguments arise regarding Hillary’s leadership, her supporters on the left will regurgitate her line to The Times about the Bible being her biggest influence. No matter what arguments are made by conservatives: her record on abortion, her alleged treatment of her staff, or any argument regarding how her lack of spirituality, and principle would affect her leadership, the left will simply continue to parrot The Times. Hillary’s quote to The Times will be repeated endlessly in the run up to the election, and it will be that one quote that defines her character for the uninformed masses.

The Daily Show watchers, and the ABC/NBC/CBS average joes, and janes will hear Hillary’s quote repeated, and they will hear the pundits lauding her for her spiritual nuance, and the hand will have been dealt. Nothing else matters. The average joes will not bother to compare her record to her statement about being biblically guided. They will not see just how divergent her words are from her actions. Conservatives trying to argue the truth based on her record will be bombarded with “Well, she says she believes the Bible,” and that will be that. The dumb, uninvolved masses will be sated. It will soften her. It will make her more likable. It will make her electable.

It’s a brilliant and stunningly simple strategy. Flood the airwaves with a lie, and eventually, it will just be the truth, because a majority will believe it to be so. It’s Goebbels all over again. Just wait, her line to The Times will be a major, defining piece of her campaign to quell the masses who might otherwise think poorly of her. 2016 starts now.