High School Teaches Republicans Don’t Help the Poor

High school test: Republicans don’t help the poor, because they’re a “waste of money.”

I guess this is what passes as “political science” in school these days. They teach that liberal Democrats are our saviors and that conservative Republicans are the scourge of the planet. And other things. No surprise there. Fox News reported:

A Wisconsin mother claims her 16-year-old son’s classroom assignment last week described Republicans as opposed to helping the poor because “it’s a waste of money.”

The woman said her son, a junior at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, Wisc., was asked, along with other students, to complete an assignment about different views on the political spectrum while in a U.S. government and politics class on Thursday.

The assignment listed a series of quotes and required students to identify which party affiliation best represented each statement.

The first quote read, “We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money.”

The mother, who asked only to be identified as “Heather” to protect her son’s privacy, said he chose option “E” for “Fascist” because he “didn’t know what else could be the answer.”

When the assignment was returned, the answer was marked as incorrect and the teacher wrote in option “D” for “Conservative/Republican” instead, his mother told FoxNews.com.

EAG News posted a picture of the test. That particular question about how Republicans hate the poor is hardly the only thing concerning. I think whoever created this test didn’t quite make it out of the fifth grade. Here, take a look:


No wonder the student didn’t do very well on that section of the test. First of all, it’s hard to understand just what some of these questions even mean and how they relate to a political party. Then, after you settle on a possible meaning, you have to choose not the actual answer, but what you think the teacher wants you to put down.

It’s like those psychological questionnaires an employer gives you when you get a job. You can’t put down honest answers. You have to give the answers that you think your boss would want you to put down. Otherwise, you won’t get the job. At least with those, the questions themselves make sense for the most part.