Here’s What We’re Reading July 12, 2013

It’s Friday!

Here we are at the end of another week, hopefully you’re getting ready for a relaxing weekend full of fun, family, and friends.

Let’s get down to it – here’s what we’re reading this Friday, July 12, 2013.


Critics of the right to bear arms are constantly bemoaning the fact that the 2nd Amendment was, “written in another time.” As if this simpleton argument somehow invalidates the raison de etre of the guarantee of freedom. Well, Gary DeMar has news for you folks who have made this argument… the other 9 Amendments in the Bill of Rights were also “written in another time.”

MSNBC enlightens us to the fact that Republicans are against the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill because “they want indentured servanthood,” not more “brown people walking around.” Ouch. Where’s the referee with the “race card?”

Speaking of immigration reform… someone should tell MSNBC that most of the country agrees with the GOP. A recent Q-poll says 41% of the country agrees with the President on immigration reform and 50% of the country disagrees.

Does anyone want to take a guess at what job the government is supposed to be doing? It’s a tough one, considering how many pies they’ve got their fingers in today…

Liberal Flagship the Huffington Post finds that 59% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal after 20 weeks!! Hmmm… Let’s ask MSNBC – Who’s the fringe on this issue again?Anti-abortion protest in Dublin

North Carolina is the most recent state to pick up the banner on abortion restrictions. They’ve finally passed their own version of the Texas and Wisconsin abortion measures. The North Carolina bill could shutter all but one of the abortion clinics in the Tar Heel State. Way to go, North Carolina!!

In related news, the Irish Parliament overwhelmingly granted an exception their nation’s longstanding ban on abortion. Women whose lives may be at risk can now have an abortion. As a gentle reminder to our Irish friends… this almost NEVER happens.

An interesting essay on the death penalty from the folks at the Daily Caller.

Anne Coulter is not happy with the media’s coverage of the Zimmerman trial. Meanwhile Nancy Grace is likely the epitome of horrific “news” coverage… this is a woman who once drove another person to suicide, and she feels that she has the moral high ground to say that George Zimmerman shouldn’t carry a gun? Ridiculous.

Guess where Eliot Spitzer’s campaign staff are working from…? I can’t make this stuff up.