Here’s a Store Clerk Who is Very Happy he Doesn’t Work in a Gun-Free Zone

If this had been a gun-free zone, the clerk might not be alive today. And liberals like Michael Bloomberg would have blamed the guns that were used by the criminals.

Of course, no one really believes in that. If someone like Bloomberg actually believed that guns were the problem and the source of all evil, then he’d demand that all his bodyguards relinquish their guns. While he was mayor, he would have required the same thing for all police officers. He’s doesn’t actually believe what he’s peddling. He’s a politician. A used idea salesman. He wants the benefits of guns for himself and his plethora of bodyguards while denying them from everyone else.

Thankfully, not every establishment has fallen for Bloomberg’s gun-free zone sales pitch. From WKBN in Ohio:

Struthers police said a pair of teenage robbery suspects got more than they bargained for during a robbery attempt early Wednesday morning.

Video Struthers police obtained from Sami Quick Stop appears to show that one of the teens who entered and attempted to rob the store pulled out a gun, shot at the clerk and missed, prompting the clerk to shoot back and hit the suspect.

Normally, only the drive-through of the Sami Quick Stop at East Midlothian Boulevard and Youngstown-Poland Road is open at midnight. But because of construction, the entire store was open for customers when a pair of 17-year-old boys walked in about 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Police said there were two employees working at the time. The manager was in a store room and a clerk was behind the counter. The 911 call explains what happened next:

Caller: “I’m up at Sami’s. I am the manager here and we just got a guy come in here and try to rob us.”

Ja’Braelyn Bunn, 17, of Youngstown, and Kimani Hodges [I promise, no relation to me] walked in the store together, but it was Bunn that produced a rifle and demanded money from the clerk behind the counter, according to police. The clerk, believed to be in his 20s, had a gun of his own and opened fire, hitting Bunn in the side and forcing him to drop his gun.

“He demanded the clerk to give him some money. The clerk felt threatened and had a lawful CCW permit, and shot at the suspect,” said Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy.

Both teens ran from the store, but were caught a short time later.

Bunn was treated at St. Elizabeth Health Center. Hodges is being held at the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center. Both are facing charges.

As for the clerk, police are calling the shooting justified.

“In the right situation, someone who is responsible and very knowledgeable with a weapon, they have the right to protect themselves,” said Roddy.

Police have the gun and book bag the teens left behind.

Neither of the employees was hurt in the incident.

This is why people should be allowed to carry a gun wherever they go, whether concealed or not. Employees and customers alike should be able to carry. I know it’s tempting to live in a liberal utopia dreamland where criminals are deterred with a simple sign. But here in reality, evil people exist and will always exist. To deny that is incredibly naïve and childish. Of course, we are talking about liberals here.