Hawaii Snow Blamed on Global Warming

There was apparently a light dusting up in the mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii, something that isn’t at all uncommon. But social media lit up with the news, and Twitterers were quick to attribute the snow to none other than global warming. According to the Daily Caller:

According to ABC News, the snow melted quickly and, thanks to sunny skies, temperatures reached 57 degrees by 8 a.m. local times.

Further, such snow is not uncommon for Hawaii, according to Ken Rubin, an assistant professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Hawaii.

“The snow level almost never gets below 9,000 feet in Hawaii during the winter, but since these mountains are taller than 13,600 feet, 13,700 feet and 10,000 feet, respectively, they get dusted with snow a few times a year,” he told the Weather Channel. “It rarely stays on the ground for more than a few days though.”

Nonetheless, individuals could be found on Twitter blaming the storm on climate change.

Here are examples of some ridiculous tweets:

  • “Hawaii is expecting snow. I just went out of the house in a sweater. In Canada. In December. Tell me again how global warming isn’t real?!”
  • “Today, snow in parts of Hawaii, 54+degrees in parts of Maine and cloudy/hazy thinking in the minds of #ClimateChange deniers everywhere.”
  • “But climate change is bogus, right? |There’s a blizzard warning in effect for … Hawaii?!
  • “It was raining in NYC, it was 50°F here yesterday, Hawaii has a blizzard warning and half of the population is still denying Global Warming.”
  • “Merry Christmas, with a little Global Warming cheer: Hawaii is experiencing a blizzard on its mountain peaks…http://fb.me/46UhrucUx
  • “Just because there is a Blizzard Warning in Hawaii doesn’t mean Global Warming isn’t a thing. Just a heads up.”

It was hardly a blizzard, but whatever. They have to make it sound as bad and shocking as possible so that they can blame the weather on the GOP. If you don’t accept that there’s a conspiracy where the global climate is being controlled by a secret cabal of energy CEOs, then you must also believe that the Earth is flat.