“ Hate Group ” Pastor Fatally Shoots Home Intruder

The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared just about everyone a “ hate group ” these days. Their primary targets are white Christians. If you’re not a white Christian, you’re more than likely safe from their labeling, no matter how bad you actually are.

One such member of a “hate group” is actually a pastor of a Baptist church in Oklahoma City. He apparently strongly encourages his congregation to own firearms. He even has a gun instructor come and train church members periodically.

It was a good thing that this pastor practiced what he preached, because someone tried breaking into his house one night, and his firearm and training came in handy. The Daily Caller reported:

An outspoken Oklahoma City pastor who encourages members of his congregation to arm themselves in self-defense, fatally shot an intruder at his home on Saturday.

Tom Vineyard was home with his son when a man broke into the back of the house. After a confrontation, Vineyard shot the burglar who was found dead outside the house, Oklahoma City’s News9 reported.

Vineyard is the head pastor at Windsor Hills Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church located across the street from Vineyard’s home in the northwest part of Oklahoma City.

According to Vineyard’s neighbors, he encourages members of his congregation to protect themselves.

“We have a program at church where we have a gentleman that comes in and does a class for gun permits and stuff like that he urges the churches to do that for protection because things are so bad nowadays,” said one of Vineyard’s neighbors and a parishioner at Windsor Hills.

“They broke into my house about a month and a half ago and I was over at the church at this time and they busted in my front door.”

Vineyard, and the church, have been in the news before. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers the church a hate group, citing statements Vineyard has made criticizing gays.

It makes you wonder who this attacker was. Was this just a random act of violence, or did he target the pastor based on the SPLC’s designation? It wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened. Remember Floyd Lee Corkins? He was the guy who intended on shooting a bunch of people at the Family Research Council all because the SPLC had labeled them a “hate group.”

The real hate group in all this is the SPLC itself. And whatever the intruder’s intentions were, the pastor was able to dutifully defend himself, his family and his home thanks to his personal firearm.