Not A Hate Crime: White Disabled Veteran Attacked By Mob Of Black Teens

A hate crime is some offense committed by a white person against a minority. It doesn’t work the other way around. That’s why that 27-year-old white Texan was charged with a hate crime, a federal offense, for playing that knockout “game” on a 79-year-old black man. And it’s why an 8th grader is facing hate crime charges for saying “Persian” before beating up a student of Middle Eastern descent. Isn’t that what people in the Middle East call themselves? Persians? Can you imagine “hate crime” charges being filed against a Persian for saying “American” before beating up some white kid? It would never happen.

And nothing’s going to happen to the assailants of this disabled veteran and college student in Cleveland, Ohio. He was attacked by half a dozen black kids who were saying things like, “Knock that white boy out!” and “Cracker!” I’m sure if Obama had a son, he’d look something like those kids.

Is there going to be any word from Eric Holder or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton? Don’t hold your breath.

I can’t really blame them though. These incidents are so numerous; they’d be backlogged for years if they were required to respond to every one of them.