Hate Crime? Black Teen Attacks 10-Year-Old “Cracker”

For most of these types of cases, where a black person attacks a non-black person and even uses some racial slurs amid the attack, they’re generally ignored. If a white person does the same thing to a black person, it’s immediately called a hate crime, and the attacker is thrown in jail on federal hate crime charges.

I’m surprised that in this particular case, local officials are investigating it as a hate crime, because the 13-year-old black girl who attacked the 10-year-old white girl allegedly called her a “cracker.” According to witnesses, this same 13-year-old has bullied other neighborhood white kids “because they’re white.”

I’m not in favor of calling these incidents “hate crimes.” There isn’t any such thing as a hate crime. Hating someone might be sinful, but it’s not a crime. The motive behind a crime shouldn’t make the punishment more or less severe.

But the authorities are completely inconsistent in their application of hate crime laws. The knockout “game” is usually carried out by bored blacks on defenseless and unsuspecting whites. The media and political establishment have generally ignored those cases and dismissed them as “teens being teens.” But the one time they decided to take notice was when some white punk knocked out an older defenseless and unsuspecting black man. Then, all of a sudden, this “knockout” phenomenon was real, and this white kid was guilty of a hate crime.

Expect this particular case of assault and battery to be swept under the rug. If the colors of these kids involved had been reversed, Obama would be calling a press conference by now and crying on live television.