Harry Reid: Raise Debt Limit By $1 Trillion And Then We’ll Negotiate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that all Speaker Boehner has to do is put up for a vote the bill that would open up the government and raise the debt ceiling, and then “we can talk about anything you want to talk about.”

He blamed the GOP for not wanting to negotiate or have a conversation about the shutdown. But, remember, Reid was the one who didn’t even want to pass any provisions that would allow funding to the National Institutes of Health.

Reid promises that as soon as the GOP capitulates to the White House’s demands, then he’d be willing to negotiate. Here’s what he said on the Senate floor:

“All we ask if for the Speaker to be reasonable. He brings his bill, his resolution to the floor, it’ll pass. Then, you have my commitment – everyone has my commitment. Open the government, raise the debt ceiling, and we’ll talk about anything you want to talk about. We’re not afraid to go to conference. We are happy to go to conference. That’s what we used to do here all the time. But we have a little problem. The Republicans won’t let us go to conference. But maybe they will in this instance, because that’s what [Boehner] said he wants. Open the government; we’ll get back to the so-called conversation as he talks about. We’ll get back to the negotiating table, work out our budget disagreements. We can even start talking about ways we can make the Affordable Care Act better. Not worse, but better.”

We’re already what, $16.7 trillion in debt? What’s another trillion dollars? And everyone knows that raising the debt ceiling won’t cost taxpayers one cent. It won’t, as Obama said, “promote profligacy.” Just because our national credit limit will be raised significantly doesn’t mean that we’ll be spending more. I mean, we have to pay our bills, right? Isn’t it downright immoral for the GOP to hold America hostage with the debt limit, forcing us to default on our debt obligations?

It’s not going to happen. It never does. The debt limit “debate” is as much of a political circus game show as the “shutdown.” Especially since Fed chief Bernanke is being replaced with Janet Yellen, who will apparently be “printing money forever to create jobs.”