Harry Reid on GOP: They’ve “Lost Their Moral Compass”

How dare they try to remove federal funding from an organization that provides infanticide  reproductive healthcare for women. Everyone knows that Planned Parenthood is the only place that provides cancer screenings and STI testing. No doctor’s office or urgent care clinic offers those very unique services. Shutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood would mean that women will now have to be forced to get cancer and STIs.

Only a group of people who had “lost their moral compass” would condone defunding this righteous organization. CNS News reported:

“The Planned Parenthood bill isn’t going anywhere in the Senate,” Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said on Monday, shortly before an attempt to defund the organization fell seven votes short of advancing.

“Senate Republicans are not being fair to American women,” Reid said in a floor speech.

“It’s our responsibility in the Senate to assure that American women have access to care.  It’s our obligation to protect our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our granddaughters — protect them from the absurd policies of a Republican Party that’s lost its moral compass.”

On Tuesday, a pro-life group released yet another undercover video, showing Planned Parenthood’s director of research discussing the transfer of “intact fetal cadavers” to people posing as buyers. The research director says intact fetal cadavers are part of the budget — “just a matter of line items.”

The video also shows Planned Parenthood personnel going through bloody baby body parts in the pathology laboratory to find organs of interest to the “buyer.”

Anyone who thinks that abortion is anything other than murder doesn’t have a moral compass to lose.

Harry Reid of course doesn’t have much of a choice but to defend the organization. If he doesn’t, he might end up with another black eye – er, another “exercising accident.”