What Happens When A President Lies?

Barack Obama said:

“You’ve talked to somebody who said ‘Well, I don’t know. I was watching Fox News, and they said this is horrible.’ And you can say ‘Don’t take my word for it. Go on the website, see for yourself what the prices are, see for yourself what the choices are, then up your own mind.’ That’s all I’m asking. Make up your own mind. I promise you, if you go on the website, and it turns out you’re gonna save $100, $200, $300 a month on your insurance…even if you didn’t vote for me, I bet you’ll sign up for that.”

What happens when a President lies? There is a difference between a lie, and a false statement. One can make a false statement without knowing it, but to lie, one must have intent to make a false claim, with the belief that it will help them, harm their opponents, or obfuscate a flaw.

In the above quote, Obama is simply lying, however cleverly. He never guarantees savings; rather, he promises that if you go to the website, you may find that you will save. With that, he fails to present the other side of the argument. The other side is that almost everyone in the United States will pay higher premiums under Obamacare.

We know from numerous accounts, most recently from Forbes, that premiums under Obamacare may rise as high as approximately $7,000 annually per average family. More and more studies are pulling back the rotting layers of the onion called Obamacare, yet the President and all his flunkies just lie through their teeth.

We know the why of the lie: power, greed, control. But we don’t know the what. What happens to a President who lies? History shows us that not much happens if you’re a Liberal. Because Richard Nixon was a Republican, he was hammered, but because Bill Clinton was a Democrat, he was slapped on the wrist. The story goes like that over and over again.

Obama has some time yet. He claims that Republicans are afraid of allowing Obamacare to take effect, because it will be great. But what happens when it does take effect, and brings us to ruin? Again, probably nothing. Political dishonesty has become so pervasive, digging its roots into the deepest parts of our culture, that we are easily fooled. But there is a possibility for good.

Sometimes, deceit, outright lies, and personal damages accumulate to spark a revolution. Not a physical revolution, but a voters’ revolt. We saw a minor revolt in 2010, but the rotting carcass that is Obamacare may drive us over the edge far enough that 2014 and 2016 will be firestorms of voter outrage, ushering in real reform. The polls are starting to swing in such a way that I haven’t seen since Obama took office. Americans are outraged; they are being oppressed.

So, what happens when a President lies? Usually nothing. But when the lie becomes an every day American reality—when the lie becomes oppression—all we need is a spark. I think that spark is right around the corner.