This Is What Would Happen if Social Marxists Were Forced to Be Consistent

Liberals hold many contradictory beliefs. For example, gender is a social construct, yet feminism is a valid ideology, and race is a social construct, yet white people are more racist than black people.

When presented with the opportunity, I like to force liberals to feel discomfort with the sets of paradoxical rules they’ve set in place for the rest of us. I believe the Internet calls it trolling.

A few weeks ago, when I visited the University of Massachusetts in Boston, there was a notice on one of the doors, put up by the Exercise and Health Sciences Department, reading:


Are you:

  • A self-identified Black or White Woman?
  • 19-35 years of age?
  • Born in the U.S.?

You may be eligible to participate in a study at UMass Boston on lifestyle behaviors, body composition, and cardiovascular health in Black Women involving two 1 hour visits.

That they used the phrase “self-identified” is what gave away their leftist beliefs.

Those who wanted to participate were instructed to email the address found at the end of this piece. I did so, writing:

Hi, I heard about your study. Heard you were looking for “self-identified black women” between 19 and 35. Well, I’m 26, and although I am biologically a male Caucasian, I self-identify as a woman of color. I’m transgender and transracial. How do I sign up for this thing?

They responded a few days later:

Hi Chris,

We regret to inform you that in order to participate in Project Health you need to be born biologically female.

However thank you so much for your interest in our study, it is greatly appreciated!!!

If you know of anyone that may be interested in participating, please pass our information along.



Had they forgotten that they had asked for “self-identified” black or white women and not necessarily biological ones? Were they uncomfortable to be confronted with the conundrum of the incompatibility of “gender and race isn’t real” and “you must be a black or white female”?

My final email to them was simply:

Figures. I’m sick of society’s bigotry and discrimination. I’m as female and as black as it gets no matter what Project Health says!

If they want to force the world to abide by their contradictory beliefs, this is the dilemma that it will create, except it won’t be fake, as it was in this case. If society were governed by their rules, though, I’d have a legitimate case for a lawsuit against them and I’d win.

If you want to show them what a nuisance their beliefs are, send them an email similar to the one I sent.