Handicapped Man Defends Himself from Burglar; Gets Charged with Misdemeanor

This is one of those stories that show the idiocy of gun laws. It took place in Chicago, the gun control capital of the U.S.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The 44-year-old homeowner was sleeping when his frightened 18-year-old daughter woke him up, then told him that she heard noises and thought someone was breaking into the apartment behind theirs, according to a police report.

At first she thought the noise was a heater in that apartment but after she heard something fall, she locked the door that separates the two residences, the report said.

The man “grabbed both of his crutches and walked over and unlocked and opened the door,” the report said.

He did not see anyone at first, so he returned to his bedroom to get his gun. When he went back to the rear apartment, he saw two intruders “charging towards” him so he shot at them, according to the report.

Both burglars stopped, turned around and ran back towards the back door, but one of them collapsed and fell to the floor.

Two men were seen running away and yelling gang slogans and the 44-year-old told his daughter to call 911.

Responding officers found the back door of the rear apartment had been pried with a metal shovel and found shell casings on the kitchen floor, the report said.

During the course of the investigation, police learned the 44-year-old homeowner’s Firearm Owners Identification card was expired and he was charged with one count of possessing a firearm with an expired FOID card, a misdemeanor, police said.

Now, I get that part of living in Chicago or the state of Illinois is having to put up with their laws. If you live there, you’re in a sense, agreeing to abide by their laws, no matter how bad they are. So, some would say that this is this guy’s own fault for living there, and that if he doesn’t like it, then he should move.

But we don’t know his financial situation. Moving isn’t cheap. It’s difficult for someone to just pick up and move out of state.

Besides, I think that’s missing the point. The point is that the law is stupid. The purpose of gun registration and license laws is not to protect people. It’s so that the government can keep track of who owns what gun(s). And you have notify the government every so often to renew that information. They want to have as up-to-date a database of gun-owners as possible. That’s what it’s all about.

And it turns police into mindless bureaucrats “just doing their jobs.” “Yeah, we see that you had to defend yourself from these intruders, and that if you hadn’t, you’d likely be dead, but you have an expired FOID card, and that’s against the law. We’re going to have to charge you for that. Sorry, but everyone has to be treated equally under the law.”