Half Say Obama Lied About Obamacare & Democrats Are Panicking

President Barack Obama has created a legacy of lies and deceit and is sure to go down in history as the most corrupt and lawless president in US history.  To this legacy, he now adds the fact that he lied to millions of Americans about their keeping their existing insurance policies.

Oh sure, he went on television and told the people that he had no idea so many would lose their healthcare coverage due to Obamacare but do the people believe him?  According to a recent Fox News Poll, 50% of Americans believe that Obama was lying to them and 40% said they believe he had no idea that Obamacare would cause so many people to lose their healthcare coverage.

When asked if the Obama administration knew ahead of time that millions would lose their coverage, 59% said yes, they knew.  Additionally, 55% said that they believe the White House has intentionally tried to deceive Americans about the whole mess.

In the past month, Obama’s disapproval ratings jumped by 10% to 61% disapproval and 58% of those polled believe that his so-called apology was not sincere and was only done for political reasons.

When asked whether they wanted to scrap Obamacare and start over or keep it and try to fix it, 46% said start all over, 42% said try to fix it and only 10% said to leave it alone.

When asked about Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, I was surprised to see that 50% said she should stay and try to fix all of the Obamacare problems, 24% said she should be fired and 19% said she should resign.

In the light of all of the problems with Obamacare and poll results such as the Fox News Poll, some are saying that Democrats are starting to get panicky over the whole mess.  One of those is Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who told Steve Malzberg on his Newsmax TV show:

“The Democrats own this. They made a mistake at the very beginning because there was no bipartisan support for Obamacare. Every Republican voted against it. Every Democrat voted for it. So they own it.”

“People need to hear from us that we’re not just against Obamacare with all of its flaws, we are for people getting affordable, quality healthcare and we can do it a whole lot better than this government takeover.”

Cornyn said that many Democrats coming up for re-election in 2014 are nearly in a state of panic (5:40 in video below).

Like Cronyn stated, the Democrats fully own Obamacare and all of the problems that have surfaced.  Republicans need to use all of the problems with Obamacare in their campaigns this next year.  They need to remind people that many Republicans predicted many of the problems that we are now seeing and that they tried to make changes and the Democrats refused all of the changes.  Republicans need to start campaigning now and referring to Obamacare as the “Big Shop of Horrors” or “The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.”  However, they need to have a healthcare plan of their own to offer the people and it needs to be very carefully thought out and crafted to avoid the same problems that we’ve seen with Obamacare.  This just could be the ticket to win over the Senate and retain the House, giving the GOP control of both and basically emasculating Obama’s powers.