Half of Santa Barbara Shooter’s Victims were Stabbed to Death

You have to dig a little to find out that the three people whom Elliot Rodger stabbed to death are included in the six whom he killed (not including himself). News reports make it sound like he shot and killed seven people, and that he stabbed three. The truth is that he stabbed to death three people before going on a shooting spree, where he killed three more people. Then, he allegedly shot himself in the head. So, not counting the suicide, half of his murder victims were stabbed to death.

Dems have been quick to hop on this opportunity to revive calls for more gun control, as if that would have prevented some spoiled Hollywood yuppie rich kid from stabbing and shooting people.

But why do they ignore those who were stabbed to death? Why are their lives less important than those who were killed by gunshots? If we’re supposed to be blaming the objects that he used, why focus only on the guns and ammo? Why not also talk about the knife he used and call for more controls on knives?

Of course, why stop at knives? He apparently used his car to injure several people. I know cars are designed as a means of conveyance, but that didn’t stop Elliot Rodger from using it as a weapon. No amount of government regulations, background checks, fines and fees, fingerprints, invasive questioning, etc, would have stopped him from using his car as a weapon when he wanted to.

If the Democrats had their way, and they banned all guns without exception, Rodger would have found something else to use, like his car. He could have used a bat or a hammer to kill people. Would the politicians and media have cared at all at that point about the murder victims? It’s not likely, since there wouldn’t be a whole lot else left to control. The media wouldn’t have even bothered to report on it.