Gutless Liberals Don’t Spit On Vets Anymore; They Just Want Them To Die Off Quicker

War may be wrong, but sometimes it is necessary. No words can do justice to the courage and bravery any soldier displays when they face the violent aggression of Americas enemies. Most Americans have never faced the challenge of shaking off the overwhelming monster called fear that can swallow a soldier faced with combat. Somehow our veterans found a way, without regret, to honor their oath to defend America and with that a spoiled liberal’s right to be callous, arrogant and careless with their words.

What I am speaking of, is the rarely revealed liberal disdain for the American war veteran. Our President, and his elite kind, may claim publicly, that they support our troops, but in their hearts lies the seldom articulated liberal axiom, that American military veterans are a waste of taxpayer’s money and the sooner they die off the better for liberal America.

The following is a recent quote from a self-described life-long Democrat, Ivy League educated, wealthy, aristocratic liberal reader, who regularly sounds off against conservative ideology on this blog. In the spirit of fairness, I included more than a single sentence of this reader’s long winded post, subsequently eliminating his anticipated claim of being taken out of context:

The Teapublicans who are led by 55+ year old white males, don’t have the issues no less the votes. If you think the shrinking, right wing vets will help your cause get real. Today’s army is small, there are not millions of draftees, and 22 of its expensive and dwindling members are committing suicide each day. Professional armies, which teach nothing but killing, and farm out to the private sector everything else, will not create trained people to re-enter civilian life.”   -the “Truth Seeker”

Tens of thousands of our servicemen and women are dead, buried shoulder to shoulder in U.S. Veteran Administration Cemeteries across our nation. Hundreds of thousands have returned from indescribable combat experiences, torn apart, stitched back together and expected to set aside the trauma they endured for us, horrors and tragedies that will haunt them forever, as they struggle to find a place in a country they no longer recognize. A country ruled by incompetent cowards that have never given a genuine thought to the honor of military service and the respect it should command from all civilians.

Angry doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings about this reader’s surreptitious thoughts, flatulently released during an elite tantrum designed to chastise a fellow American for his conservatism. Yet I am also strangely pleased by his undisciplined and predictable display of liberal ideology. To those who believe that liberals “support our troops” as much as the next guy, think again. Make no mistake, liberals would gladly be standing on line at airports, to spit on returning soldiers, if only there was some way it would go unnoticed by the press. After all, war veterans are just an “expensive and dwindling” threat to the growth of liberal ideology and its desire to reshape our Republic.

A week ago, I bought a beer for a young Marine with no legs. His last “expensive” deployment to Afghanistan, in service to our country, cost HIM, both of his legs. Yet he wasn’t concerned about the fact that he was confined to a wheel chair while his replacement legs and feet were being tweaked. Instead, he asked me about the job market and what I thought about the United States’ economic mess. It was everything I could do to keep from breaking down in front of him. The bottomless courage that this young Marine maintained in the face of future and unknown adversity, after returning from combat with no legs, was awe-inspiring. And this week, I have to entertain the gutless musings of a snob with the constitutionally protected right to act like a braying ass.

For the liberals who troll this site looking for glory in the ideological war being waged on America’s blogs, I would offer the following: Any time you feel compelled to observe your unearned first amendment rights to degrade our veterans and military service, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. And the next time you carelessly trivialize veterans suicides, I would recommend you that you consider clogging your obnoxious pie hole with a carefully selected firearm. Sounds like you all could benefit from a lesson in what it feels like to consider choosing the finality of death over the prolonged desperation found on liberal society’s chilly shoulder.

I would personally recommend to those great liberal minds, fueling the disastrous plans raping our nation’s prosperity, to remember that you owe an unserviceable debt to America’s veterans. Your haughtiness has been exposed and your vitriol is failing you. Generally you don’t deserve the dedication shown and the lives expended to protect you insensitive pontifications. Simply speaking, you just make me sick.