Gun Violence Overwhelms Economic Crisis

The start of another year of failure is weeks away and no substantive actions to reduce spending or reform failing government policies has been taken, yet somehow the one social ill on the decline, gun violence, is now our government’s greatest priority. Each and every day more Americans find they are standing in line for government assistance. No one but the government is hiring and U.S. Corporations are moving more of their operations overseas.  Leave it to the U.S. government to focus on fixing something that isn’t broken.

A quick glance at national crime statistics prove that gun violence in our nation is dropping precipitously as the popularity of gun ownership grows. Allowing for a handful of exceptions like our southern border towns and historically violent and densely populated cities like Chicago, firearm homicides and assaults are decreasing in America. Yet our President thinks this positive trend could use a little help and now our Vice President Joe Biden has been assigned the task of developing sensible gun control policies to curb the falsely propagandized increases in gun related deaths. I guess since the campaign is over Biden didn’t have anything better to do.

For decades, national crime statistics (something the liberals always seem to ignore) prove that personal income (or lack of) and alcohol use/abuse are the greatest causes of crime both violent and non-violent in our nation. In other words, the economy and the influence of the legal consumption of a regulated intoxicant have caused more human carnage in America in one year than all gun related crimes for years.

White collar crimes that have been perpetrated on our economy and citizenry by the financial community and the government they own, continue to be ignored by our elected representatives. Crimes that have caused an obscene growth in poverty, government dependency and suicides that arguably set the table for future increases in crime rates: crime rates that will be blamed on gun availability rather than failed government policies. Not one reliable change in government policy has been implemented to prevent the future fleecing of our economy and so it continues, yet gun violence is a new priority.

Over 70% of the violent crimes in America are committed by people who are acting while under the influence of alcohol. This is not some supernatural revelation. This is a document fact. Yet I haven’t heard our liberal visionaries in Washington taking ownership of or leading the charge to decrease irresponsible alcohol consumption in America. Apparently that “right” is off limits for our elected officials. Perhaps that has something to do with lobbyists and campaign contributions, but I digress.

Most rational Americans understand that if not for the government exploding our debt to save the banking industry and sending checks to unemployed and economically devastated Americans there would have been rioting in the streets years ago. Mass homicide would have been a daily occurrence in most major U.S. cities and it bears mentioning much of that violence may have been directed at our government and their white collar accomplices. The government dodged that bullet by creating an expanded class of government dependents and now they are shopping for money to sustain the “status quo” while they fix our manufactured gun violence problem.

Gun violence is now a bigger government priority than our national debt and its financiers. Countries like China, who is, with the help of a bloated U.S. government, covertly strong arming a fire sale taking place in America conveniently overlooked by so called responsible journalists. The Chinese are here and they have been collecting on our debt in creative and not so subtle ways. Why aren’t foreign owned commercial and residential mortgages a priority for Joe Biden?

The recession we are still experiencing is becoming an afterthought for the powerful. After all they just need to bend a couple of formulas to make the numbers look good and America will go back to sleep. Each and every elected official took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution as their number one priority yet somehow neutering a multitude of its amendments are now a greater priority for the ruling class. High crimes and misdemeanors have taken over our governing process and our government’s economic policies are torturing American families without a care. And gun violence is an executive priority?

Today in America there are more poor than assault weapon wielding Adam Lanzas and Jared Loughners. White collar criminals are still attending upper eastside cocktail parties while the American economy is hugging the rim. Apparently our elected officials are sending a message to our electorate and we aren’t hearing it. They don’t know how to fix this mess that they created and they are in fear that gun violence will become a huge issue in their lives soon because according to our Justice Department statistics it shouldn’t even be a blip on our Constitutional Republics radar.

Fact: Each year more homicides are committed in America by arson and poisoning than any other method.