Gun Sales Surge in Ferguson in Preparation for Grand Jury Decision

As Ferguson residents wait for the Michael Brown grand jury decision, gun sales surge. Many are taking up arms just in case mayhem ensues following a “wrong” decision. According to Breitbart:

At a gun shop near Ferguson, Missouri, the manager told CNN that sales of firearms for personal protection have increased nearly 50 percent. As stores in Ferguson and nearby areas board up their fronts in fear of riots that could be sparked in the coming days of a potential grand jury decision, residents appear to be taking up arms.

“Every time that door opens we see new faces everyday. Dozens of new faces are coming in,” the shop manager said noting that he believes the spike in sales is connected to the tension related to the decision that is about to be released by the St. Louis Grand jury as to whether or not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting 18 year old Mike Brown last August.


Ferguson protesters and rioters, angry about the shooting death of Michael Brown, are preparing to march in over 20 cities across the country if the St. Louis Grand Jury decides not to indict Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. Wilson fatally shot Brown back in August as Brown. Brown, a 294-pound 18-year-old, was unarmed, so he charged Wilson and tried to wrestle the officer’s weapon from him. Protests are being planned on either the day of or day after the announcement is released from the St. Louis Prosecutor’s office.

Remember what protesters were threatening leading up to the Trayvon Martin trial? Riots, murder, violence, and chaos all against white people. No one in the media cared of course, because racial violence and threats only exist in a white-on-black context. When blacks threaten violence and chaos against whites if the trial goes the “wrong” way, that’s not news.

It looks like residents in Ferguson, both black and white, are gearing up just in case something like that happens. I know most of them don’t want to have to use their new weapons, but if it comes to that, they won’t have a choice, and they’ll be glad they were prepared.