Gun Sales Hit Record High for 7th Month in a Row

Every time there’s a mass shooting or a terrorist attack, two things happen in the aftermath. One, liberals call for more gun control, and two, lots and lots of people go out and buy guns and ammo. The more liberals call for more gun control, the more people go out and restock and add to their arsenal. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Bureau processed 2,243,030 checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in November, an increase of 236,111 checks over the previous record set in 2012. Background checks have continually set monthly records since May.

The numbers were fueled in part by record sales performed on Black Friday. The FBI did 175,754 checks no that day alone, the Trace reports.


With 19,827,376 checks performed thus far, 2015 remains on pace to break the record for checks in a year. In order to pass 2013’s record of 21,093,273 checks there need to be 1,265,897 checks in December. December hasn’t seen fewer than 2,000,000 checks since 2011.

Gun rights activists said the combination of increased calls for new gun control measures from leading Democrats and recent terrorist attacks have driven the record sales numbers.

Between the red hot rhetoric calling for new expanded gun control laws and acts of violent terrorism it is no surprise that people are stocking up on guns and ammunition,” Alan Gottlieb, who created the Second Amendment Foundation, said. “This trend will continue as long as the public feels threatened by government regulations and believes that they are the first line of defense when it comes to Homeland Security.”

Both reactions are out of fear to some extent. Liberals hope that the media will be able to whip up the public into hysteria, and liberals use that hysteria to push more gun control. Everyone else on the other hand see the danger and random nature of mass shootings and terrorist attacks and decide to purchase another couple rifles, handguns, and a few thousand rounds of ammo, just in case. That way, if the next mass shooting takes place around them, they’ll be prepared to take out the shooter.