Gun-Owning Business Manager Ends Armed Robbery Spree

An armed robbery duo were making the rounds, hitting up fireworks stands, until one stand manager put an end to the spree with his gun.

The two assailants drove up in a Ford Mustang to a Katy, Texas fireworks stand, got out, and one of them pointed his gun at the manager and demanded all his money. The manager said that he had to go to the back to get the money, and that he’d be right back. Of course, he wasn’t entirely telling the truth. He did return, but not with money. He returned with his own gun and fired four shots at the man, critically wounding him. The other guy got back in the car and sped off. The stand manager wasn’t harmed in any way. The armed robber had to be airlifted to the hospital. ABC13 reported:

One suspect is in critical condition this morning and another still on the run after the owner of a fireworks stand turned the table on some would be robbers in west Harris County.

Police got the call around 9:30pm last night at the “Best Fireworks Stand” located in the 2200 block of Highland Knolls Drive near South Mason Road.

The manager was closing for the night when he says two men pulled up in a Ford Mustang and tried to rob him. The manager then pulled out his own gun and opened fire.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office believes the robbers may be part of an even bigger robbery spree.

“I understand he robbed at least two other places tonight and shot at the complainants,” said Sgt. Scott Ashmore. “Tonight, he robbed this fireworks stand… and the owner of the establishment was armed and got into a shootout with the suspect.”

The robber who was shot was hit four times and taken to the hospital and remains in critical condition. The second robber jumped back into the car and got away.

The fireworks stand manager was not hurt.

If you have any information on this case, you’re being asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

How many more places would they have been able to hit up if no one had been allowed to own guns? How long would it have taken the police to catch up with them? It was the gun-owner who put an end to the spree. Surely the other guy involved got scared enough to realize that robbing another place probably wasn’t worth the risk anymore. If the first place they robbed had a gun-owner shoot back at them, there likely wouldn’t have been any more robberies after that.