Gun-Grabbing New York Police Chief Gets Entourage Of Taxpayer-Funded Armed Security

Ray Kelly is the current police chief of the NYPD. He’s on his way out. He and Bloomberg have been New York’s gun-grabbing dream team. In addition to trying to eliminate the 2nd Amendment, they’ve also been active in nullifying the 4th and 5th Amendments with their “stop and frisk” policies, which have been made necessary by their nullification of the 2nd Amendment.

Like most liberals, they don’t at all practice what they preach. They want guns among law-abiding citizens confiscated, which would leave all guns in the hands of criminals and government officials, both of which are becoming more and more indistinguishable.

So, as soon as Kelly’s term as commissioner is done, and when he becomes a “civilian” like the rest of us, he will be afforded heavily armed officers all at taxpayer expense. reported:

According to a article, Kelly has requested a team of six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe back in civilian life. And get this:  it’s reported that each detective would make $120,000 a year, and the taxpayers–the very ones he wants unarmed–will be required to pick up the entire bill! 

According to a Huffington Post article, Kelly says he needs the taxpayer-funded, round-the-clock protection because he’s a “high profile target,” and requested the contingent of detectives to shepherd him around town and protect him and his family during their travels so they can be safe. But he would deny that same option of self-protection and safety to you. By the way, Kelly’s request is not typical; only one other person in his position has taken a city-funded detail after leaving the post.

Mayor Bloomberg has prepared for the dangers of civilian life in a similar fashion by employing 17 officers for his own private security detail. stated that “those officers will all file for immediate retirement, collect their pensions, and head off to work for the billionaire ex-mayor, who will be paying each of them $150,000 a year.”

“Rights for me, but not for thee,” as they say.