Gun Grabber: “Nobody Needs a 15-Round Magazine Unless They are a Domestic Terrorist or a Gangster”

In other words, the only people afforded the right to carry whatever type of weapon they want are criminals. And government officials. But, in order to keep everyone safe, no other person is allowed those same rights.

It makes perfect sense, according to the head of a New Jersey gun control organization inappropriately called Heeding God’s Call. You may have heard of pro-life groups holding prayer vigils outside abortion clinics. Well, these people with Heeding God’s Call hold prayer vigils outside gun stores.

The gun control lobby in New Jersey is pushing for more stringent magazine capacity limits. They currently allow no more than 15 rounds in ammunition magazines, but want to bring the legal threshold down to 10. So, the head of Heeding God’s Call Bryan Miller had this to say to about their gun control efforts:

“Our top priority is a 10-round limit on magazine size… Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster.”

I seriously doubt they’d be satisfied with a 10-round limit. Once they get their way, they’ll lobby to bring the limit down to 5. “No one needs 5 bullets to kill a deer!” And then 3, and then 2, and then 1, and then 0. “No one needs bullets to kill a deer!” And they’ll get their way all the while trumpeting the 2nd Amendment. You’ll still be able to have certain types of guns, just no ammo. So, see? They respect the 2nd Amendment to bear arms. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say anything about ammo.

The obvious question here is if the only people who will have “high-capacity” magazines are high-profile criminals inside and outside the government, how will the rest of us protect ourselves from them? Well, we can’t. I think that’s the point. The gun control lobby, partnering with the government, don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves. We’ll be defenseless and easily controllable. And if we don’t cooperate? You hear about the roughly 100 Ukrainian protesters shot down by police and military recently? I think that’s what the gun-grabbers have in mind.