Gun-Free Zone Restaurant Robbed … at Gunpoint

Leftists think we’re crazy because of our view on guns. They think a gun-free world is the only safe world. And they would be right if everyone were good. It just turns out they’re not. Good. Or right.

In recent news, Chipotle has said it won’t allow people to carry guns into their stores. This is probably in response to recent laws in Georgia allowing open carry pretty much anywhere. But, also in recent news, is the story of a North Carolina restaurant that had gone Chipotle on guns, and got robbed. At gunpoint. And what do you expect. Unless you have the good fortune of being robbed by someone who happily complies with your reminders of store policy, your stand for gun control is not going to end well for you.

I mean seriously. Can we just lay this to rest already? If you have a sign in your window that says, “NO GUNS,” you might as well have a sign that says, “WE’RE UNARMED. PLEASE ROB US.” In fact, that is in effect the sign you have in your window.

Conservatives think leftists are crazy because of their views on gun control. The cities in the United States with the worst statistics for gun violence all have the strictest gun control laws in the country. Saying something like, “Well, criminals get their guns out of state and bring them in…” is stupid. Who cares where a criminal gets guns? The point is that they will get them.

And when they get them, guess where they choose to use them? A gun-free zone, you daft leftists. Why are there so many school shootings? Because schools are gun-free zones. And, again, things are especially bad in states and cities that have strict gun control laws:

The principal of Curie High School [in Chicago] has put out a warning to students and parents to leave immediately after school and use a different route after six shootings in 48 hours in nearby neighborhoods.

Yeah. That’s just great. Those gun control laws are clearly working out. For criminals.