“Gun-Free Zone” New York City Experiences 22% Increase in Shootings

New York City invests a lot of money and resources into making sure people don’t have guns on the streets. While they’ve decreased the whole “stop and frisk” thing where police could stop and frisk anyone at random for guns and drugs, a practice that clearly violated the 4th Amendment, they still have other means of keeping tabs on people, but that don’t really do anything to make them safer.

New York City is supposed to be this really safe place to live, because of their draconian gun control laws. But already this year, they’ve had to deal with 184 shooting victims, which represents a 22% increase compared to last year at this time.

One of their investments that’s supposed to keep guns off the streets is gunshot detection technology. They’ve got microphones planted all around the city, on telephone polls and streetlights, on rooftops, that pick up sounds from the immediate vicinity. And yes, they can pick up people’s private conversations. If you happen to have some politically incorrect views, it might be best to keep your mouth shut so that your conversations aren’t picked up by Big Brother.

The idea with the gunshot detectors is that when three of the microphones in an area pick up a loud sound such as a gunshot, an employee in California (where the gunshot detector company ShotSpotter is based) will be able to triangulate the source of the gunshot and notify the NYPD, who can then get to that location and hopefully nab the guy who shot the gun.

Of course, de Blasio thinks this is such a great idea, and that it will “help us stay even safer.” He thinks that if a microphone picks up the sound of a gunshot, it will help save lives. In reality, it’ll have about the same ability to save lives as their current gun control laws do, which are only yielding an increase in shootings there.

Even on a pragmatic level, assuming that the gunshot detector people actually do pick up the sound of a gunshot and notify the police in a timely manner, the cops still have to make their way over to the location, where they’ll likely have to deal with a dead body or a dying person, while the shooter is either hiding out of sight or is on the run in the middle of the night.

Is this really about preventing shootings? Are criminals really going to be thinking about

ShotSpotter picking up their gunshot? If they’re intent on shooting someone, they’re going to shoot someone and run. That’s just the way it is. And for that reason, the 2nd Amendment should be legalized. They shouldn’t be implementing mass surveillance in the name of security. It doesn’t work. Unless the goal is to keep track of people.

If New York City were to actually legalize the 2nd Amendment, they could also give residents their 4th Amendment back as well.