Gun-Free Shooting Claims Another Life in Seattle

One dead and three injured, according to some reports. When the Seattle Times first reported on it, they indicated that only two were injured:

The gunman — wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt, skater sneakers and jeans, witnesses said — walked into the foyer of Otto Miller Hall shortly before 3:30 p.m. and shot three people, said Seattle police Capt. Chris Fowler…

The suspect was identified by a law-enforcement source as Aaron Ybarra, 26, of Mountlake Terrace…

Jon Meis, a student working as a building monitor, pepper-sprayed the shooter as he stopped to reload, then put him in a chokehold and took him to the ground, according to police and a friend who spoke with Meis after the shooting. Then other students and faculty members rushed to hold the shooter down until police arrived.

The security officers on the campus of Seattle Pacific University aren’t even allowed to carry firearms, according to an SPU website link pointed out by AWR Hawkins of Breitbart:

 According to the Seattle Pacific University Office of Security and Public Safety, security guards patrol the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but “do not have deputized or state-commissioned police authority and carry no guns.” They can make “citizen’s arrests when appropriate.”

This is quite some gun-free zone when even the security guards aren’t allowed to carry them. As is the case with every other shooting like this, the criminal perpetrating the attack doesn’t care about the rules.

Some people have commented that at least the shooter at SPU didn’t have an “assault rifle” with a 30-round magazine, because then, we’d be talking about 20 dead, instead of one dead. But that’s still in the context of a gun-free zone. I know this is hard to imagine, but just think if students, staff and even the security offices, were allowed to carry concealed. Imagine instead of a gun-free zone sign posted, a sign announcing that the campus was not a gun-free zone, and that any criminal intent on murder would be met with gunfire.

Remember the Clackamas Town Center Mall shooting in Oregon? The shooter came in with 145 rounds of ammo. He killed a few people, and he could have kept going, but he was confronted by a shopper with a concealed weapon. When the murderer saw this other armed shopper and his gun pointed right at him, the mall shooter retreated and shot himself.

If there had been others at SPU who were armed, perhaps there wouldn’t have been anyone killed or injured. Perhaps the shooter wouldn’t have even bothered. He would have found a gun-free zone instead.