Gun Control Group Sues Online Dealer Who Sold Guns and Ammo to James Holmes

James Holmes is of course the guy who walked into a gun-free Aurora, Colorado theater, killed 12 defenseless people, and injured about 70 others. If perhaps there had been a concealed carrier or two in the theater that night, those 12 people might still be alive today.

If there’s anyone or anything else to blame, other than Holmes himself, it would be the policy of the theater that wanted everyone to be defenseless. That’s why Holmes chose that theater.

But gun control proponents want to blame the people who sold Holmes the weapons:

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence will sue the online gun dealers who sold weapons to Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes, according to a local news report.

“The lawsuit alleges that the websites negligently supplied Holmes with the arsenal he used to kill 12 people and wound at least 58 others by failing to use any screening mechanism to determine his identity or intent for the products,” the Brady Center said in a press release.

It wasn’t the guns and ammo that barged into the theater and killed a dozen people. Holmes did. I don’t care that he’s pleading insanity. He still deserves to be executed for murder. It should have happened a long time ago.

This would be like tracking down the cashier who sold alcohol to a man who later got drunk and killed someone in a car wreck. It wasn’t the cashier’s fault. But just think if the cashier had refused to sell to the guy? Maybe we should go back to banning alcohol to “save lives?” Would it end up saving lives or making the problem worse, as it did back in the days of prohibition?

It’s not the business’s fault for selling the ammo and weapons to Holmes who ended up using it to murder a bunch of people. It’s Holmes’s fault. And shame on the theater for turning its patrons into sitting ducks.