Gun Control Activist Arrested For Carrying A Gun On School Campus

Here’s a guy that was active in mentoring students in after-school programs; who helped get New York’s SAFE Act passed; who is the president of MAD DADs (Men Against Destruction Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder). The Buffalo News continued with a little more about Dwayne Ferguson’s background:

Ferguson also has taken an active role in many community outreach programs targeting youth. He regularly patrols area malls, and city streets in an effort to curb gang-related violence.

Throughout the years he has overseen MAD DADS basketball leagues in an organized effort to keep teens off the streets.

He was among local activists who stood with Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes last year lobbying for a law that would make possessing a gun on school property a felony. Prior to New York State’s adoption of the SAFE Act last year, in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut, it was a long-established state law that guns could not be brought onto school property. The only difference was that the crime carried less punishment as a misdemeanor.

Last week, at some after-school event at Harvey Austin Elementary, two anonymous 911 calls were placed notifying the police that there was a man carrying a gun on school grounds. As a response, a school lockdown was ordered, and a SWAT team was sent to search for the armed gunman.

When Ferguson heard that the school was on lockdown, he took his group of about 50 students and had them stay in the cafeteria where he closed the doors.

The SWAT team couldn’t locate any gunman, so as they were letting the kids go, they patted down each one. When they came to Ferguson, they found a gun on him. He was the armed gunman that people had seen enter the school building.

He claimed he completely forgot about the gun, but that he does have a New York gun permit and that it’s properly registered and all that.

That may be, but the very law that he campaigned for and helped to pass makes it a felony for anyone to be on school premises with a gun. It doesn’t matter who it is and whether or not the gun is licensed/registered.

Now, all his friends and those who admired him for his community youth work are trying to defend him:

“Dwayne probably was in a position to help the police not knowing that he was the one they were looking for,” said George Johnson, president of Buffalo United Front,

Ferguson often carries a gun during the course of his business day, Giles and Johnson said.

“Mental lapses happen,” Giles said. “Things happen. It’s an unfortunate mistake. Dwayne was not conscious that he was in school with a gun.”

Both Schools Superintendent Pamela C. Brown and Kevin Brinkworth, the district’s chief of police, school safety and security, said it is unclear why Ferguson had the gun on school property, but officials do not believe he had any ill intent.

“This is a person well-known in the building,” Brinkworth said. “No one expected him to have a gun in the building.”

But see, these people are unwittingly arguing against gun-free zones, and for gun rights. They’re proving our point. They know this Ferguson guy. From what they could gather about him, he was a law-abiding citizen. He should have every right to carry a concealed weapon, even in a school building. In fact, especially in a school building. Like some of them said, if there were an “active shooter” scenario, he’d be on the scene with a gun to keep the other kids safe.

I can’t believe that he and these other people were so in favor of criminalizing possession of a firearm on school grounds and then go and defend this man for being in possession of a firearm on school grounds.

On one hand, the law is stupid and should be repealed. On the other hand, everyone’s equal under the law, right? Maybe 4 years in a state prison will convince Ferguson just how ridiculous the law really is.