Gun Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting at Alabama Dollar General Store

Gun-grabbers love to point out how no gun carrier has ever prevented a mass shooting. It’s a trick statement.

If James Holmes had walked into the Aurora, Colorado theater carrying his semi-automatic rifle, and some movie goer happened to be carrying a semi-automatic handgun and shot Holmes before he was able to shoot anyone else, we would have never heard anything about the incident. It would have remained strictly local.

Piers Morgan would say something like, “There’s no way that you could prove that Mr. Holmes would have shot anyone! In no way could you say that this gun-toting theatre-goer saved anyone’s lives!” Technically, he’d be right. We don’t know that a mass shooting would have ensued had a heat-packing patron not taken action. That’s why liberals’ pointing out of how no gun carrier has ever prevented a mass shooting is preposterous. You couldn’t ever prove that a mass shooting would have occurred had someone not prevented it. We don’t have the benefit of peering into an alternate universe to see how things may have happened under different circumstances.

Perhaps such a mass shooting was about to unfold at a Dallas County, Alabama Dollar General store. A local NBC News affiliate reported:

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson has identified the gunman as Kevin McLaughlin from Orrville and the customer as Marlo Ellis, 37, also from Orrville. 

The fatal shooting happened around 12:45 p.m. Thursday at the Dollar General on Highway 22 in Orrville.

Officials say McLaughlin walked into the store waving a gun in the air and forced a cashier and Ellis at gunpoint towards a break room. At that point, Ellis pulled out a concealed weapon and shot McLaughlin once in the chest.

“He escorted a customer who was trying to leave the store and a cashier toward a break room. The cashier went in first and the customer went in behind her, and the individual had the gun on the customer and the customer had a pistol concealed in a holster,” Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman said. “And when the customer got to the door, he turned around and shot the individual.”

McLaughlin was pronounced dead at the scene. The tense ordeal played out in less than five minutes, police said. 

Other customers and delivery men were inside the store at the time of the incident. Several customers making their way into the store saw McLaughlin waving a gun and ran away.

We don’t know what would have happened had Ellis not shot the man. At this point, the police aren’t even clear on a motive. They don’t think it was a robbery, because even though McLaughlin exchanged words with the customers, apparently nothing was said about money or a hold up. They were headed for the break room. What was going to happen there? We don’t know. All we know at this point is that some guy walked into a store with employees, customers and delivery men and threatened them with a gun, and he got shot.

Ironically, this particular store prohibited the open carrying of firearms. Maybe McLaughlin didn’t see the sign before he went in. Thankfully, a customer was carrying concealed, and perhaps he prevented a mass shooting.