Gun-banning Mayor Allegedly Uses One To Intimidate Young Man For Sex

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer this week, some residents of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania are either very forgiving or else have very low expectations of people in public office. Republican Mayor James Schiliro is insisting on finishing the rest of his term. But while the city may be mixed, one group has quickly and quietly disassociated themselves from the mayor.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is one of Michael Bloomberg’s propaganda and lobbying groups. They say, “The time to demand action is now.” If you go back in time to earlier versions of their website, you will find Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania listed as one of the coalition’s members. But if you look at the current website, Marcus Hook is missing. Mayor Schiliro was one of the few Republican mayors in that organization. He is also now facing charges relating to a bizarre story of a gun crime he committed.

Schiliro’s lawyer insists they will fight the charges, but they have not challenged most of the story. Allegedly, Schiliro had a police officer use a police vehicle to go find a young man, a twenty-year-old friend who considered the mayor his mentor, and deliver him to the mayor’s private home one evening. The young man found Schiliro quite inebriated and, though the man was under the legal age, he gave him two or more glasses of wine and then asked repeatedly to perform oral sex on the youth.

According to the young man, when he repeatedly refused, the mayor got three of his eight handguns out and began waving them about, telling the younger man that he was a hostage. At one point Schiliro aimed a gun at himself and threatened suicide. At another point in the evening the young man claims he actually fired one of the handguns inside the house. Police later found a bullet in the wall that matched one of the Mayor’s nine millimeter pistols.

As a local editorial recounts,

“Finally he was able to leave and walked home, where he told his mother about the ordeal. Schiliro and his attorney, Michael Malloy, have basically conceded that account (except for the sexual proposition). They have said the mayor sold the guns the next morning and got rid of all the booze in his house. Schiliro has also realized he has a problem with alcohol and is seeking outpatient treatment.”

While the whole story sounds plausible, we can’t be sure it is all true. The court case should be interesting. What we do know is that the mayor has, after the incident, started getting help for alcoholism. This does provide confirmation that he was drunk and acting stupidly (or worse) that night. He also sold all his eight firearms the day after the incident. The police did find a slug buried in the wall of his home that came from one of his own guns.

So, at best, here was a Mayor Against Illegal Guns who not only had a great collection of guns, but was dangerous in how he used them inside his own house. That is the best we can say about him if we assume that the Mayor was framed.

What a great moral guardian to tell us whether or not we can own firearms!

And yet, Mayor Bloomberg’s coalition has had many such problems. These politicians deign to tell us how to run our lives as if they speak from the high ground. But these men live in the gutter. They are filth compared to the Americans they want to disarm.