Green Wind Turbines Harming Humans & Animals, But Do Democrats Care?

“Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.” – Bruce Springsteen

In my experience, the least tolerant people are those who speak about tolerance most often. Similar to the old adage that the loudest person in an argument is usually the one losing the argument, those who loudly profess their own tolerance, and condemn others’ lack of tolerance are usually the ones whose minds are closed tighter than a bank vault. And it is within this mentality, this tightly restricted world view, that the left operates. They preach their doctrine loud and proud, and if any new evidence should run contrary to it, they react with rage, tantrums, and denials. They will question the messenger, and the source of the evidence, all so they don’t have to defend their position. The leftist motto is: “If at first you don’t succeed, deny, deny again!”

The reason liberals cannot defend their views is because their views aren’t built on logical structures, they are built to protect, and serve an agenda. Let’s get specific here. The left has structured part of their party platform around global warming. They have managed to convince a whole host of people that the earth’s climate is changing due to human interference. They make the claim that carbon emissions are a major contributor to the shifting climate. Although the evidence suggests that other factors–ones which are outside of human control–are actually the main causes of any climate change, government funded scientists have convinced many Americans that it is humanity’s fault that our climate changes.

The left stands to make massive amounts of cash through carbon offset programs, and other green initiatives; this is the reason they continue to promote global climate change hysteria in spite of new, and convincing evidence which suggests their theory is wildly inaccurate. This is the base agenda. This global warming/climate change/climate disruption (as it is now called) dogma is the real motive behind the green movement. It’s greed–both in terms of money, and vote gathering. It’s a farce.

As part of the green movement, the left promotes alternative energy strategies. A favorite of the liberal green freaks is wind. Now, I’m not against alternative forms of energy…if they work…and don’t do harm to the economy; essentially, the opposite of what the left believes. Back to wind. For quite some time now, the liberal solution to the burning of fossil fuels has been allegedly clean wind power, harnessed from giant turbines. However, new, and convincing evidence is emerging that suggests wind turbines are doing some major harm to the environment. Not only are the actual propellers killing thousands of birds (they rotate at speeds of up to 200 mph), the subsonic noises from the propellers can cause “wind turbine syndrome.” According to HowStuffWorks:

“Dr. Nina Pierpont describes a condition called ‘wind turbine syndrome’ in which wind farms pose actual health risks to nearby residents. The sub-sonic noise generated by turbines is believed to cause maladies ranging from headaches and sleeplessness to dizziness and even depression. And visually, the flicker effect of spinning turbines can cause vertigo and even seizures.”

This syndrome doesn’t just harm humans. According to Breitbart:

“A new wind farm has been linked to the premature births of over 1,600 mink at a fur farm in Denmark last month. Veterinarians have ruled out viruses and food as possible causes, leaving the 460ft high wind turbines as the only variable that has changed since last year. According to the World Council for Nature (WCFN), most of the mink were dead at birth and many had severe deformities, including lack of eyeballs.”

These turbines are a hazard. One would like to believe that such a hazard would be addressed by our politicians, especially the ones who so ardently support alternative energies like wind, but it’s not on their radar. It’s interesting, these turbines do harm to the very things the left claims to be protecting with alternative energy solutions: the environment, and wildlife. I can’t turn on the TV, or read the news without hearing liberals blathering on about the dangers of fracking, yet none of these alleged enviro-worshipers make a peep about the problems associated with wind turbines. But it doesn’t matter, because the agenda is being served. As long as it appears as though the Democrats care about the environment, they can rake in the cash, and the votes. What’s a little wildlife disfigurement, and environmental damage in the grand scheme of things?

You can’t debate a liar; you will never win. A debate presupposes that both sides are honest in their beliefs, and have some logical or factual basis for their claims. The left’s entire environmental effort is nothing more than a scheme; it is based in extraordinary greed.