Grandpa Protects his Wife and Granddaughter from 3 Armed Thugs

Thanks to the Second Amendment and a wise decision to own and train with firearms, a grandpa protect his family.

A North Carolina grandfather defended his wife and protected his granddaughter from getting raped by three armed burglars who forced their way into their home. He was able to shoot all three of them, killing one of them and sending the other two to the hospital for their injuries. The two surviving suspects were nabbed easily by the police, and the third one was, well, dead. The Blaze reported:

Two of the suspects reportedly knocked on the grandfather’s door around 10 p.m. Monday and then stormed in and demanded money when he answered. All three of the men were armed and wearing black cloths, ski masks and gloves, according to police.

The 67-year-old grandfather and his wife were reportedly taken to the back of the house and ordered to open a safe. But the trio of thugs crossed the line when they attempted to gang rape the man’s granddaughter, officials said.

It wasn’t clear if the grandpa kept a gun in the safe or how exactly he got his hands on his firearm — but he did. He reportedly shot all three of the suspects, though he was also shot while rescuing his granddaughter.

The suspects eventually fled and drove away in the grandfather’s Cadillac.

Two of the men were found by police after they went to an area hospital for treatment. Police found the third suspect, identified as 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison, dead in the stolen Cadillac.


The surviving suspects, identified in reports as Brandon Carver Stephens and Jamar Hawkins, also had to be airlifted to other hospitals for emergency treatment. Their conditions were unknown as of Thursday night.

Obviously, since I’m bringing up this story of how a grandpa protected his family with a gun, I must be secretly working for the evil gun manufacturers and the NRA. And Big Oil. And the Koch brothers. I’ve been doing this for years, and I’m still waiting on my first paycheck from them. I’d gladly accept.

Liberals are always saying that these kinds of stories don’t actually happen in real life; that they’re fabricated by the gun lobby in order to sell more of their guns and ammo. They think the only reason guns exist at all is so that a crazed murderer can shoot a bunch of kids.

This isn’t some made-up fairy tale like evolution or global warming. It really happened, and these things unfortunately happen frequently. But thankfully, this grandfather was willing to give himself up for his wife and granddaughter if that’s what it took to protect them.