Grandma to Armed Robber: “Back Off, Or I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

With those words, the armed robber quietly backed off and walked away. I’m sure he thought he had found the perfect victim. Jewell Turner is a 74-year-old grandmother.

The man approached this Fort Worth, Texas woman, asking for directions as she was waiting in her car outside the doctor’s office. When she tried helping the guy get to where he needed, he stuck a knife to her throat and told her that he didn’t want to have to hurt her, but that he would if she didn’t give him all her money from her purse.

Thankfully, the woman had decided to carry not only a pocketknife that day, but also her handgun. Instead of grabbing money from her purse, she grabbed her handgun in response to the man’s knife and told him, “Back off, or I’ll blow your head off.” He realized she had the upper hand, so he complied and walked away.

She would have been justified in killing the armed robber, but she said that even though her initial desire was to shoot and kill him, she thought about it in the few moments she had and decided not to. She said the incident reminded her that there was indeed a “dark side” out there, but not just in someone like that robber. She said she felt that “darkness” when she first pulled the gun on him in self-defense and wanted to kill him. I think that feeling may have scared her a little, which is why she didn’t kill him after all, even though he deserved it.

It’s very possible that the man will try to find someone else to plunder after his failed attempt with this woman. Or, it very well could have had the effect of making him give up his life of crime. Hopefully, he saw how short life is, and how that grandmother could have easily snuffed his life out in an instant. I’d hope that he’d see that there’s more to life than robbing people at knifepoint. If he doesn’t turn his life around, then he may have to learn the hard way next time.