Grab the Popcorn for Alabama Showdown: Gay White Libs vs. Straight Black Libs has an amazing story involving two of the Left’s darling factions battling it out.

A white professor is suing Alabama State University (ASU) over claims the historically black university discriminated against him and his partner based on their race and sexual orientation.

What does a liberal do when faced with these options: support those whom they call “colored,” whom we have been indoctrinated to think of as historically the primary recipients of discrimination and as the pioneers of the idiotic civil-rights movement; or support those whom the Left call “queer,” who have been officially designated the new leaders of the civil-rights movement? It’s got to be enough to make a liberal’s head explode like a Muslim’s attire.

“[Garland’s supervisor] expressed his opinion, stated or implied, that Dr. Garland did not belong at the University and was not ‘suited to [the University’s] type of students’ because Dr. Garland is not African-American,” the lawsuit states.

And black people generally hate homosexuals more than it can be claimed any Republican does.

Garland’s so-called husband Steven Chesbro (they “married” last year) is dean of the College of Health Sciences, which, according to the lawsuit, the students and faculty regularly refer to as “the White House.”

“A small, powerful group at the University believes that Drs. Garland and Chesbro have no place at the University simply because of their non-African-American or non-Black identity,” the lawsuit reads. “This group, including combinations of the individually named Defendants, have conspired to destroy the careers and employment of these two dedicated teachers.”

“Some administrators and faculty welcome and support Drs. Garland and Chesbro as colleagues, while others reluctantly accept their presence as a necessary evil due to legal considerations,” the lawsuit continues.

This perfectly demonstrates the absurdity of anti-discrimination laws. Why would you want to force someplace to hire you when you know that 95 percent of the people attending and working there, including your boss, hate you? Your life would be hellish.

The argument is that people have a right to work where they want whether they’re wanted there or not, to which I say that’s a bunch of bull loney. Nobody has a right to work anywhere, otherwise it would be illegal not to hire everyone who applies for any position. It would even be illegal to throw a guy out of, say, a coffee shop if he walks in, goes behind the counter, and starts making coffee as if he worked there.

Let discrimination be legal. It is essential to being a free people. And if it were legal, the people who whine about it now won’t have a case to whine about it then. Legalize it for that reason alone.