Govt Requires School to Demolish Boys’ Bleachers because They’re Nicer Than Girls’

From The Blaze, one of the most insane cases of egalitarianism I’ve ever read:

The U.S[.] Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has forced a school in Michigan to tear down a brand-new set of bleachers for its boys’ varsity baseball team because the new seating is nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.

Notice it was the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights that did this. Making sure we all have the same vantage point of a baseball game is a matter of “civil rights” now. The right to vote, the right to be free and not a slave, and the right to not have worse seating than someone else.

The raised seating deck for the boys’ baseball team, which was paid for with money raised by parents, was put in place because fans who’d come to watch games at Plymouth High School in Canton, Mich., were having a hard time seeing the game through the chain-link fence […].

The parents installed the new bleachers themselves and even added a new scoreboard to the field, [WJBK-TV] reported.

Ooh-hoo, big mistake, parents. There’s nothing a government bureaucrat hates more than initiative and hard work.

But after an investigation by government officials, which was prompted by an anonymous complaint, the school was told it had to remove the new seating because it was “no longer equal” to the adjacent girls’ softball bleachers….

There was the additional issue that the new bleachers were not handicap-accessible (the solution for which, I might add, would be to add a ramp, not tear down the whole thing…but then, this is the government we’re talking about). That handicap-accessibility matter, however, was only a secondary reason for tearing down the bleachers. The primary reason was that they were not as crappy as the girls’ softball bleachers.

The problem with egalitarians is that they try to make everybody equal. It sounds noble, but it’s unrealistic. Nobody is equal. Worse, the only way they can create equality is by lowering everybody to the lowest common denominator. If some students are smart enough to understand a complicated school lesson, but other students are not, egalitarians would want to make the lesson easier so that the less smart students can understand it as well. But then the smart students’ brains are not being challenged anymore.

Instead of trying to work for the betterment of the less smart, egalitarians try to make the smart people less smart because that’s much easier. Instead of trying to work toward giving better seating to the girls’ softball team, egalitarians demand we all suffer crappy seating as well. It’s loads easier for those with seats with unobstructed views to give up their seating and go sit on bleachers with obstructed views than to build a new, better set of bleachers for the girls.

We all suffer equally. Attempts at self-betterment will not be tolerated. That is the problem with egalitarianism.