Government Violates Fed Law, Provides Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Free Prescription Drugs To Illegal Aliens

America is drowning in the problems associated with Obamacare.  First of all, the White House awarded a multimillion dollar contract to a longtime friend of Michele Obama to build the Obamacare website,  We have seen how wise of a decision that was since the website is awash with hundreds of problems.  I wonder how many more millions of dollars it’s costing taxpayers to pay for the utter failure of Michele’s good friend?

Then we have the costs of Obamacare.  Oh sure, some states like California and New York are actually seeing lower costs for most healthcare policies, but the vast majority of the nation is seeing huge increases.  The quotes my wife and I got here in northern Kentucky ranged from a bare minimum policy for only $815.42 a month to the premium policy for a mere $1,866.18 per month.  There is no way we can afford $815 a month for anything other than our mortgage payment.  Many people are finding their prices under Obamacare to be even higher than mine.

Then we have the millions of Americans that are having their work hours reduced by over 25% so their employers no longer have to provide them with healthcare benefits.  And let’s not forget about the 16-20 million Americans who are receiving cancellation notices for their private policies, all thanks to Obamacare.  Ironically, Obamacare was supposed to make sure that every person in America had healthcare coverage.  Instead, the number of uninsured Americans is already skyrocketing by the millions.

With all of this facing millions of Americans, I’d like to throw a little salt on the Obamacare wounds that so many of us are suffering from.  As you sit at home wondering how you are going to afford the exorbitant prices for healthcare or how to manage paying out of pocket for all of your prescriptions, and doctor visits, just think of the poor illegal aliens in our country.

In the two year period from 2009 to 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services paid out $29 million for Medicare Part D prescription drugs for 4,139 illegal aliens.  If that doesn’t give you a rash in unpleasant areas, just consider that earlier this year, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services paid out $91.6 million to healthcare providers that treated a mere 2,600 illegal aliens.

To begin with, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, prohibits providing any type of Medicare or Medicaid, which includes Part D prescriptions, to illegal aliens.  The act says that the only medical treatment they are entitled to is emergency treatment only.  The same act also denies illegals access to Social Security benefits and the CMS uses the Social Security Administration to verify eligibility for Medicare Parts A & B, but not for Part D coverage.

Judicial Watch commented on the situation saying:

“In a nutshell, it appears that the Health Department’s watchdog is essentially saying that there’s nothing the feds can do about this. The lost money cannot be recovered and the inspector general simply suggests the obvious; to ‘develop and implement controls to ensure that Medicare does not pay for prescription drugs for unlawfully present beneficiaries.’”

The next time you have to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and have to pay full price, just tell yourself that you have to pay full price while our government continues to dole out millions of dollars of free prescriptions to illegal aliens.  Perhaps you want to contact your members of Congress and President Obama and thank them for making healthcare affordable for illegals.