The Government Should Stay Out Of My Bedroom—Unless I Get Free Birth Control!

According to the dictionary, “diametrical” means “…in direct opposition; being at opposite extremes; complete: diametrical opposites; a diametrical difference.” We live in a gray world, a world in which very few things are simply black and white. The left loves to use the gray expanse in which we live to their advantage, claiming that their positions are nuanced, and reflective of our progressive society. However, this alleged nuance is just an attempt to justify their indefensible positions.

One of the most egregious examples of faux nuance from the left is in the contraceptive debate. When it comes down to it, the recent Supreme Court decision regarding contraception was a decision based in common sense. In the simplest terms, the court ruled that an employer does not have to provide for their employees drugs to which they are morally opposed. That’s it. No rights were taken away, no women were forced to go without birth control, and no one was being forced to stop having unprotected sex whenever they felt like it. In the end, Hobby Lobby still provides 16 of 20 available methods of contraception. The ones they do not provide are the abortifacients. That’s it. Yet that’s not enough.

As simple as this ruling was, the left needed it to be a declaration of war. The left needed the ruling to be a war cry against all women. So, they promptly confused the argument with all sorts of misinformation, all under the guise of nuance. But what if the ruling allows this, or that? Hobby Lobby is really anti-woman. They invest in contraceptives, so they are hypocrites. They are taking away contraception from women who need it for reasons other than birth control. They are forcing religion onto women. All these arguments are ridiculous if you simply take more than a second to think about them, but few do. My favorite argument, however, has to be this one: contraception is a woman’s right. My boss shouldn’t have the right to stop paying for my contraception.

This argument is a very interesting one because it is diametrically opposed to another oft used liberal argument: the government and private companies need to stay out of my bedroom. Huh, that’s odd. It seems that if the government and the company for which you work shouldn’t be involved in the goings on of your bedroom, they shouldn’t then have to pay for your birth control. Shouldn’t they not be involved at all? Why are you ok with them paying for you to avoid pregnancy if they shouldn’t be in your bedroom in the first place? You cannot claim both positions, and remain logical. Then again, logic isn’t the left’s strong suit.

This is the goal of the left: to promote anything that advances their agenda, regardless of its logic, or lack thereof. To keep the votes of women, the left has convinced many of them that they are nothing more than a walking uterus, and that the evil religious right wants to chain them to stoves in kitchens across America. They need women to believe that the right despises them, and so they have concocted a war on women to accomplish that goal. They have convinced a large number of people that conservatives are misogynists, all because conservatives don’t want employers to have to violate their religious convictions for the convenience of others. Birth control is the be-all, and end-all of women’s issues, and the left just loves women to bits—sorry, I mean they love women’s bits.

The left is rife with inconsistent arguments because their beliefs aren’t beliefs, they are gaol posts. Each moment is simply a step toward the advancement of an agenda, so with each new mutation comes a new wrinkle in the argument. These wrinkles lead to arguments that make no sense whatsoever.

Do you want the government and your boss out of your bedroom, or do you want free birth control? Pick one.