Gosnell’s Son Shot When he Tried Breaking in to Someone’s House

Apparently, Barron Gosnell Alexander used to be Barron Alexander Gosnell. He had his name changed ever since his dad Kermit made headlines as a baby killer. Barron claimed he couldn’t find work because of his infamous name.

So, I guess it’s no surprise that he turned to crime. It sort of runs in the family. But that’s not working out too well for him either. He tried breaking in to someone’s house in West Philadelphia, and a resident shot him. He survived, unlike Barron’s dad’s defenseless victims. According to The Blaze:

The son of infamous Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was reportedly shot by a resident while he was attempting to burglarize a home in West Philadelphia on Wednesday morning.

Police say Barron Alexander, 22, broke into a home shared by a group of undergrads three times at around 7 a.m., stealing cash and electronics. On the third break-in attempt, Alexander reportedly made enough noise to wake up two of the residents.

Police Capt. John Przepiorka told NBC Philadelphia that a struggle eventually ensued and one of the residents screamed for help.

The second roommate confronted the suspect armed with a gun. The roommate shot Alexander several times. The suspect was later rushed to the Hospital of Pennsylvania where he remained in critical but stable condition on Thursday.

It wasn’t clear if Alexander, who legally changed his name after his father’s conviction, was armed with a firearm during the burglary. The roommate who shot Alexander with a legal firearm is not expected to face charges over the incident.